Who we are

Integrating experiences and telling stories through an air show of bright pixels that rise into the night sky to wow the audiences of all ages and markets.

Sky is not the limit anymore!

How we fly pixels

This is not just a drone show: It’s a surrounding experience..

A creative concept which tells a story and conveys a message, using technology to create dancing pixel choreographies, integrating music and visual effects in a live show which is taking the entertainment industry around the world by storm.


  • Develop of the creative concept and story board
  • 3D animation design
  • Develop and execution of the operation
  • Play the Swarm!

Tell us about your project

Dare to be disruptive with a live experience of technology, creativity, colors, music, and drones.
Tell us about your project and what you expect from it; you can be sure we can create something truly powerful and spectacular for your event.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, México // Ciudad de México, CDMX

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